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Friday, January 06, 2006

Accuracy in Earthquake Predictions

I had to write on this when I stumbled on these two links from the University of Colorado. The first one talks of a possible future quake in Himalayas (not certainly due to one of Rajinikanth's frequent treks to Babaji Cave), and the other gives a historical timeline.

How scary to note that the prediction and scientific analysis in the first article dated April 2005 came true on October 8, 2005.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Recently there has been a "flurry" of activity in Bangalore and a "flood" of development in Chennai, that has been doing India proud in the IT sector. Bangalore is verily called the "Silicon Valley of India" even though there is neither Silicon nor much of a Valley anymore (most Green is now supposedly Cray).

Chennai can be truly proud of two things - surging ahead to be a Tidal IT Park of India and a minister who is at the center (literally!) of all this bullishness. Imagine most state-to-state calls being made at local call rates. Imagine a burgeoning mobile phone market. Imagine more chip makers in India. Imagine a piqued JJ!

WWW turned 15 on December 13

That's certainly not World Wide Wrestling. Some reminiscences, some reflections, some multimedia too.


Looks like it is time to beef up this site with some meaty press news. Much is at steak, literally!

Veggies and Vegans may choose to look for alternatives :-)

Monday, January 02, 2006

Fires and Floods switch places

It is now Oklahoma's turn to get all fired up. And california, famous for forest fires is in troubled waters. South India bore the wrath of Lord Varuna (the Vedic equivalent of Neptune) in the past two years - Tsunami in 2004 and windfall rainfall in 2005, with earthquakes on the rise globally.

All this forebodes something? One wonders.....


I think the season is ripe to start one. We have been seeing a steady decline of availability and unpredictable increases in price per gallon. Now some are accused of taking it all for themselves. What a stealy nerve!

Other accusations this country has been in the news for: imPRESSive Gagging and NOTEworthy piracy. Earlier in 2002 for selling arms to Iran.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Indian Film Industry - Some facts

Indian film industry has come a long way since 1930s. The first talkie made in India was Alam Ara produced as a musical by the Imperial Film Company in 1931. The first theatre in South India owned by an India was Gaiety in 1914. Mr. R. Nataraja Mudaliar made the first silent feature film "Keechaka Vadham (Slaying of Keechaka)" in South India as early as 1917 followed by Lavakusa(1919), Rukmini satyabama(1920) and Markandeya (1922).

The UK Film council conducted a survey in 2002 on the state of the Indian Film Industry, titled The Indian Media and Entertainment Industry.

Burning Issues

They burnt cars, trains, buildings, brides, even our National Flag. Looks like the violent can never be satiated unless they burn something quite often.
Pearls of Wisdom: how about burning some midnight oil to educate yourselves, or even burning ambition to be upright, peaceful and contributory citizens, eh? News link follows:Family Burnt Alive in Bihar