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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Engaging Your Conscience - Part 1


This is an age old conflict that dons different garbs, assumes different proportions, and happens at different levels. In the angelic realm, it is the eternal struggle between the forces of light (Devas) and darkness (Daanavas). In the human realm it takes possession of two different personalities and pits them against each other based on the governing principles of their life. You can find many real life/celluloid examples as representatives of this conflict.

Conscientious vs. lukewarm journalism is yet another aspect. An example of lukewarm journalism is the glitzy media that oodles all over an inveterate home wrecker as the cultural icon of Indian resurgence and western collaboration. It shamelessly portrayed him as a musical prodigy when alive, and continues to celebrate him through a posthumous Lifetime Award as well. I think you already got wind of who I am talking about.

Let's attempt a 10 point tabular resume of this "great" sitarist as compared to a “jagatguru" spiritualist of the same name:
HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar                          Pandit Ravi Shankar
Tamil Brahmin/Vegetarian                         Bengali Brahmin/probably Non-Vegetarian
Gurudev and a world teacher                  Sitar player par excellence
Religion & Spiritualism                             Hindustani & Fusion Music
Human of the World Award                      Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award
Hobnobs with spiritual/intellectual elite    Hobnobbed with pseudo-cultural elite
International Peace Maker/Speaker         International Family Breaker/Adulterer
Monk lifestyle                                           Bohemian Lifestyle
Innumerable Discourses                          Innumerable Intercourses
Art of Living/Sudarshana Kriya                Art as livelihood/Sensory Kriya
Sanguine/Saintly disposition                    Melodramatic/Manipulative disposition

You decide - Raamanaa? Raavananaa? Who deserves to be glorified?

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