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Saturday, March 09, 2013

India You Rock - Part 1

Starting the India You Rock (IYR) series with this first post on a sample of India's growing religious harmony.

Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai naara (slogan) has reverberated the north Indian skies for around 120 years. But seldom do we see such acts that truly corroborate this goonj. Rather there are always goons to disrupt a natural affection between religious communities, by creating tough situation for law and order at the mere batting of an eyelid of a conniving political bigwig. Not only do all religions enshrine worship, prayer, peace, amity and virtue as the cornerstones of their scriptural injunctions, but also urge people to put it into daily practice. Some families like the one below, do actually live by that good counsel (note the genuine joy on the family's faces as they serve with love):

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