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Sunday, March 03, 2013


Could not "shy" away from posting

I really could not shy away from a post on this age old subject - Modesty in women's apparel.

Are today's women modestly dressed by any standard, let alone Christian? I am not sure they are. We are all living testimony to a well orchestrated degradation of our culture through media blitzkrieg. Women's apparel have apparently risen up (pun intended) in modern fashion and creativity, but has fallen in modesty standards and sensitivity. The women model, not a modest woman is the new model woman. 

One has to just simply wake up in the morning to be bombarded with hoardings, advertisements, internet, TV and films that simply spew the skewed version of who a modern woman is. Forget about what all the religions of the world say, even forget what it means for a woman to be a woman anymore, it is very saddening to espy that empty feminism has carved itself a niche even in the hallowed sanctuaries of thinking minds and moral giants. It is a catastrophic sign of our times!

According to me, she is not the bikini calendar toy or the hot, sizzling seductress actress or even the strident, aggressive executive who has no time for the family. I am still naive enough to believe that the elusive Mahakavi Bharathiyar's "Pudumai PeN" is still around the corner someplace. There are enough women with modernity in thought and modesty in character left on this planet, for the godly male to feel secure about our shared cosmic (not cosmetic) spiritual destiny. Women like Dr. Sharada Menon or  Medha Patkar, for instance. 

Here are some images for your viewing pleasure, that purveyors of womanhood dread to look at:

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