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Friday, March 01, 2013

Pèace de résistance

Yes, this title is wantonly and aptly misspelled.

If you are "galactically busy", please skip over or close the page window and attend to your daily chores. For the benefit of the interested few who are left wondering if human freedom is still alive and kicking somewhere on this planet, a website, its promoters and their objectives should come as a fragrant breath of relief.

Finally, a merry band of indignant and brave visionaries decided to do something more about Lincoln's famous quotation "Of the people, by the people and for the people" and the irrevocable U.S. constitution declaration "We the People...".

The website linked below is an aspiration of a generation, an inspiration of a legacy, a perspiration of the regressive and the respiration of the progressive. It has Z dimensions in which Z humanity can reconnect with each other over Z Net on Z Space. Z Communications that we must establish among us as brethren, hearkens to the vitality of our common future.

It is less important what you intend to believe in, so long as it contains even an iota of truth in it. There is really no need for all of us to look, dress, eat, live and believe alike, and agree with one another on every issue. But when it comes to shaping our destinies on this planet, we all really look up to each other for mutual support, moral endorsement and uplifting encouragement. In this shall we all lead fulfilling lives!

Z Communications

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