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Friday, March 29, 2013

Who will finally bell the Sri Lankan Cat?

I tried my best to veer from political articles because they can sometimes turn against one's self interests. But not any more. I would rather be a fiery, outspoken, empathetic Tamilian than a mute, impotent spectator of the continuing GENOCIDE in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan aggression continues despite the fact that US and Canada jointly sponsored the UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka with support from UK and Belgium. Hats off USA, Canada, UK and Belgium. Govt. of India, please wake up! 

Do it for Tamils, do not back off thinking about LTTE and commitment to panch-sheel. Listen up India, this is barbaric ethnic cleansing in everyone's plain sight! If the Indian government keeps mum and continues to underplay the world's outrage on this continuing carnage, it will be to its own peril. Even the Tamilnadu student community has shown excellent leadership in peacefully demonstrating against Sri Lanka. As can be seen in the video below, all opposition parties have joined together in this humongous effort to plead with the Indian government to bring Sri Lanka to book based on the May 27, 2009 resolution of UNHRC. Kudos to America and Canada once again, for jointly initiating this resolution. Following is an excerpt of the Security Council press statement on Sri Lankan Humanitarian Crisis.

Of course, the Tamilian political parties' outcries that the past atrocities of Sri Lanka are as equally inexcusable violation of human rights as it is in the present, is totally valid. All of India must now unite in urging our government to act, and act now before it is too late to mend things OR stand ashamed before all for non-action. Lord Sri Krishna's clarion call in The Bhagavad Gita is ringing in my ears (Chapter 2 Verse 3):
क्लैब्यं मा स्म गमः पार्था नैतत्त्वय्युपपद्यते श्रुद्रं ह्रुदयदौर्बल्यं त्यत्तवोत्तिष्ट परन्तप!!
Meaning: Yield not to impotence, O Arjuna, son of Pritha! It does not befit thee. Cast off this mean weakness of the heart. Stand up, O scorcher of foes!
My interpretation: Oh my India, Oh my India, will you stand up to the might of insolence and quell it? You scorcherer of enemies, valiant yet virtuous!

India, the whole world is looking up to you to step-up and render justice to your Sri Lankan Tamilian brothers and sisters. Will you instead seek to hide your blazing, radiant face in the nondescript sunset of petty politics? Will you have no heart to hear the anguished cry of a suffering generation? Will you be able to face tomorrow's world as an economic and political force, what with this farce? Come, teach a miniscule nation the size of a mobile SIM card a few basic lessons on humility, respect and conformance to the resolution of the world's mightiest nations. We plead you, please do not go by the revised resolution. The original draft of 2009 is still good as gold, specially since US backed nations did well in urging UN to conduct an enquiry on Human Rights violation in Sri Lanka, calling for its  international accountability.

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