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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Engaging Your Conscience - 2

It's been a while since I visited this column. This post will examine two other Indians with a first name VIJAY. Before we get there, a gentle recap of the earlier post on RAVISHANKAR (SRI SRI and PANDIT).

This is an age old conflict that dons different garbs, assumes different proportions, and happens at different levels. In the angelic realm, it is the eternal struggle between the forces of light (Devas) and darkness (Daanavas). In the human realm it takes possession of two different personalities and sometimes pits them against each other based on the governing principles of their life. You can find many real life/celluloid examples as representatives of this conflict.

Humanitarian nature is a hard find these days. But when highly successful people cultivate that quality it becomes even more visible to the public. Same goes with Bohemian nature also. Its notoriety rivals the popularity of the former. An example in case is Vijay Amritaraj, the former Tennis superstar turned media businessman turned humanitarian. It is almost intuitive to infer that, conservative Christian values of a church-going family had much to do with Vijay's formative years. Least flamboyant amongst the three brothers, fans fancy him primarily due to his low-key profile and disarming smile. It has been years since his hey days, but he only seems to grow younger. Being chosen to be UN Ambassador of Peace in 2001 is no pedestrian achievement for this sports titan. Compare his life with the other - Vijay Mallya, the former liquor baron and derby owner turned beauty pageant sponsor turned airlines owner, finally turned over belly up. At some point of time in his checkered career graph, this inveterate womanizer even had an ignominious and anti-national linkup with Shaw Wallace CEO Manu Chhabria and underworld don, the infamous fugitive Dawood Ibrahim. Other industrial, social and political achievements of this slime-ball is now in the history books for many of his adoring worshipers to drool over and prostrate (some of his top-notch tycoon friends and immoral, wayward fourth estate). I am writing this exposé in the desperate hope that the media brainwashed youth of India do not get misguided, but cleverly decide who deserves hero-worship. By the way, there was also a Gandhian politician Ullal Srinivas Mallya, lest he be forgotten totally.

Let's attempt a 10-point tabular resume of this jet setting/owning now MP compared to the trend setting yesteryear tennis flame sharing the same first name, VIJAY:

Vijay Amritaraj                                                            Vijay Mallya
Tamil Christian                                                            Mangalorian
Tennis Ace                                                                  Liquor Baron
Sports & Media                                                           Business & Maja (fun)
Philanthropist                                                             Philanderer
Hobnobs with world elite                                            Hobnobs with any willing elite
Peace Maker/Adulatory                                              Family Breaker/Adulterous
Humanitarian Outlook                                                Bohemian Outlook
Tennis Courses                                                          Race Courses
National Champion                                                    National Disaster
Amiable & Pleasant disposition                                  Arrogant & Lecherous disposition

You decide - Desiyaa? Drohiyaa? Who deserves to be glorified?

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