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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lava and Kusa wear sacred thread

No, I am not doing a recap of Uttara Ramayana, with accent on a specific event in the life of the twin heroes. The title is a jest on the recent sacred thread ceremony (Upanayanam) of my mischievous and lovable nephews at Mumbai, India.

As is usual with many double poonal kalyanams like mine, it was held with great fanfare within our huge circle of relatives and friends residing in and out of Mumbai. And as it happened in the case of my son, the children became restless with the smoke from the altar fire, and with seemingly endless chanting of mantras. But it gladdened everyone's heart that this all important ceremony in a brahmin boy's life was finally conducted as a grand celebration, given that it had to be unfortunately postponed due to many incidents within the extended family. My cousin and his wife, who are no short of a Rama/Sita kingly combination themselves were well served by a Lakshmana and Anjaneya to boot in making the function a grand success. Of course, these naughty munch-kins are not twins like the fabulous Lava and Kusa. Just goes to show that even during Kalyug, dejavus of Tretayug are possible. India Pundit invokes God's blessings on the two new entrants into the brahmin (Dwija or Twice-born) clan, and wish them lifelong happiness and success through the protective power of Gayatri Mantra.

Time to impart some loving historical education for those two irrepressible, intelligent and hyperactive darlings - Hey guys, listen up! Lava and Kusa, those two cub lions were like you when they were your age. Wanna see their wonderful exploits? Just click on this lovely image below, and enjoy the video presentation:

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