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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Words fail to describe the tragedy caused by the catastrophic floods in Uttarakhand, that could have claimed around 5000 lives and has left over 19,000 people stranded. It has also left the holy shrine of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath temple, in utter disrepair in its wake. The grim surreal picture of devastation appears to us as if it were a re-enactment straight out of the Hollywood movie 2012 scene, where a giant wave overpowers a Tibetan monastery. So much for the mocking disbelievers who ridiculed the content and the import of 2012, the movie that deals with global climate changes.

As usual, the Indian Armed & Air Forces, and ITBP/NDRF have stepped up to provide relief and rescue effort to all the hapless devotees left bewildered and clueless about mother nature's sudden fury. Prayer and help is pouring from across the nation to the affected pilgrims. So far over 70,000 have been rescued. There are over 8500 soldiers on ground zero working day and night conducting the daring rescue. It is hard to believe that one of the key mountain abodes of Lord Shiva and holiest shrines on the planet visited by millions every year, has been subjected to this unimaginable destruction. Only the first family amongst Gods knows why this happened right under their own godly sovereignty.

As pictures after pictures of the rescue operations keep pouring in, one can only sit and watch in wide-eyed terror as to how the events unfolded from last week when the rains started battering this North Indian territory unmercifully and relentlessly, through the present news of death toll and stranded victims.

If the photo (click for video) below of the giant statue of Lord Shiva in meditative posture seen submerged under the torrent, and the videos of the extent of devastation at Kedarnath cannot scare the living daylights, I am imagining what else will?

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