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Saturday, July 06, 2013


இன்றோடு இருவருடம் என்தாய் எனைப்பிரிந்து  
அன்றாடம்  ஒரு சோகம் உருக்குது என்  உளம்புகுந்து
என் தாயின் வேதனைகள் புரிந்தேதான் வாழ்கின்றேன்
என் மகற்கு தாய் தானே தெரியாமல் போய்விடுமா?
நான் பிறந்த நாளில்தான் மறுபிறவி அவளுக்கு
நானிறந்து போனேனே அவள் மறைந்த நாளன்று
அன்னைக்குத் தீவைத்து அழுதாலும் தொழுதாலும்
அன்றைக்கும், வாழும்நாள் முழுநேரம் நினைத்தாலும்
வட்டிமட்டும் கணக்கில் வரும் அசல் என்றோ
பட்டினத்தார் தீர்க்கும் நாள்  சொல்வீரே   -  ரங்கம்

It was this very day in the year 2010, that the blessed lady of the Parasaran family, Srimathi. Saroja Parasaran (fondly called Ammaayi) left for her heavenly abode, leaving behind shattered hearts of her family, relatives, friends and well wishers. Of all the rich tributes she received from everywhere, the title of Annapoorani (the Goddess of plentiful gifts) perhaps summed it up the best. Personally, I lost a great benefactor of my family who I used to fondly address as Periyamma (elder mother).

Parasarans are a well known family within India, particularly in Chennai, Tamilnadu. The head of this illustrious household is Sri. K. Parasaran, Ex Attorney General of India and present MP of Rajya Sabha, an authority on the Indian Constitution. He has an insuperable career track record of having served during the stewardship of many Indian Prime Ministers starting with Smt. Indira Gandhi. His first son, Mohan Parasaran is the present Solicitor General of India. The family boasts of other competent and highly successful legal counsels like Mohan's younger brother Satish Parasaran and nephew Rahul Balaji. Mohan's first son Vishnu is on his way to making his father proud. The Parasarans are a banyan tree with many shoots. But they all derived their source and strength from their root, Saroja aka Ammaayi.

Ammaayi commanded respect and was very popular within her extended family, but held a special place in her heart for my parents. Of her two daughters, the elder Rangam (a natural poetess) and the younger Vasupradha (dancer & lyricist), she enjoyed a special mother-daughter bonding with her elder daughter. Rangam is a veritable library and storehouse of the Parasaran family history, and delectable episodes about each member. Laced with her own brand of self effacing humor, Rangam would recount and regale us about the multi-faceted gem who was Ammaayi, but would invariably end up with tears welled up in her eyes. The quietly charitable nature of Ammaayi, magnanimity as a hostess and being the real boss of her big family would resurface time and again in many of the sweet, long narratives. Ammaayi is blessed with wonderful daughters-in-law, who shoulder the family in the tradition of their loving mother-in-law, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. In 2011, Rangam organized a musical tribute for her mother.

Ammaayi left this world as gracefully as she found it, having celebrated her golden marriage anniversary and Shathabishekam (80th birth Anniversary). Dignitaries and celebrities poured to the Parasaran home to convey their condolences to a lady who lived with true grit, elegance and grace. For the Tamil film obsessed who may wish to know Ammaayi better, she is the immediate relative of the famous Hassan trio, Kamal, Suhasini and Charuhassan. But she is best remembered by her relatives as the life and soul of the first family of Chennai based legal experts, the Parasarans.

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