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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Normally, I avoid posting articles that are reserved for Video Pundit blog. But the two video songs from two different Tamil films provoked me to do this post. The first video song, Kadavul Manithanaaga Pirakka Vendum from Vaanampaadi (SSR starrer), is an emotional outburst of a man who has experienced the pain of life at the hands of a woman he loved, and is railing at God for His apathy. Biting lyrics from the flaming pen of Kaviyarasu Kannadasan. The second video is a rare song that I am listening and viewing for the very first time - Paaviyennai Marupadiyum Pirakka Veikkaathe from Ennathaan Mudivu (AVM Rajan starrer). This song is pictured with the inimitable comedian/character actor Late T.S. Balaiah. This is the desperate and soul-rendering outcry of a guilty heart.

Some things happened with me today morning that made me reach out to the first of these two songs, when I spotted the golden egg that is the second song. I think both songs together create the imagery of a desperate soul at the mercy of a puppet master who just resides as a stone, but does not answer to it's heartfelt pleas. Even the greatest believer is sometimes subject to the harshest test in life where even the most righteous of boons don't get granted, and is subject to the temptations and tempests aptly called the dark night of the soul.

I hope my righteous pleas don't fall to deaf ears and are instead blessed to happen:

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