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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Conveniently Forgotten Past - NETAJI

It should come as no great surprise that Indians always win the 1st place in forgetfulness. If at all history has taught us any valuable lessons, the foremost is that it repeats itself, not once or twice, but an uncountable number of times. If human history is a big circle, then Indian history has many smaller ones inside, that could account for a major part of our combined learning and growth through the many epochs. Cut to the chase, Indians have not only floundered many a great opportunities, but have attempted to bury their ineptness in the sands of time through outright deception sometimes, and sometimes through willful neglect and ingratitude. The treatment afforded to NETAJI SUBASH CHANDRA BOSE is a sterling example of such behavior.

I need not have to rummage through the annals of Indian Freedom Movement to refresh anyone's memory because the imprints are still there. Only the honesty of public acceptance is lacking, specially among the Indian elite. It is as if the inconvenient truths would expose their many lies, wash their dirty linens, and parade their vile nakedness in public. Today's India with many a misguided youth, unprincipled leaders, despondent parents, elders and teachers, and an equally hapless poor and destitute substrata is a far cry from the one imagined by our freedom fighters, particularly Gandhiji, Patelji, Vinobaji, Rajaji, Lalaji and quite especially, Netaji. The blood sacrifices of the countless martyrs led by Azad, Bhagat Singh, Veer Savarkar and Thiruppoor Kumaran seems to be a mere fairy tale to the present generation. Jallianwala Bhagh massacre, Dandi march lathi charge or Quit India movement atrocities are occasional appetizers to be seen and appreciated in bollywood films, more to root for the favorite film heroes than to learn, imbibe and preserve. On the contrary, the film heroes seem more desirous and sincere to relive these events as their personal tribute and expression of patriotic fervor. Why this abject negligence? Is it actually in our DNA?

Viewing into the glorious and often tumultuous course of Indian history from mythology to the modern age, through the kaleidoscope of time, we will explore the various aspects of our distinct and colorful culture. We will continue to journey guided by the extraordinary visions of our ancient seers through the itinerant visionaries of our future, who continue to shape the destiny of Mother India.

An excellent speech by Netaji and a film tribute on his exemplary life, as videos:

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